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about me

Dangira Cortesi
Art & Design Consultant

My goal is to guide clients through the often intimidating world of fine art. Helping both beginners, experienced private buyers and companies navigate the complexities of the art market, helping them make a well informed decision

Whether you are a first time buyer looking to start your journey or a seasoned collector looking to make an investment I can offer assistance with:

  • Curating projects for hotels, restaurants and private residences all over the world
  • Buying and selling advice based on your specific needs
  • Sourcing, negotiation and purchase of artworks
  • Art market research and analysis, to support informed decisions
  • Carrying out private sales for artworks by renowned modern and contemporary artists
  • Collection Advisory: new and established collectors, looking to build entire collections or to find desired works
  • Collection Management: founding, building, refining and curating collections
  • Logistical Management: shipping, insurance, framing, hanging, conservation, storage, custom & export, restoration etc.

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