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Tiziana Lorenzelli – Naturalismo Cosmico

Cortesi Gallery Lugano is pleased to present Naturalismo Cosmico (Cosmic Naturalism), a solo show dedicated to Tiziana Lorenzelli, curated by @veracanevazzi.artconsulting.

Nature is the exhibition’s main theme, meant in all its terrestrial and cosmic forms, the mechanism of the forces that regulate it, and the increasingly urgent need to protect it. It is conceived in its mutability, ongoing transformation, and evolution with other elements, with the space surrounding it, with light and with us as spectators who attend to a universe’s cosmogony, its very creation and becoming of the celestial world. Tiziana Lorenzelli wants to recreate this cosmic-spatial dimension dominated by forces fields; by immersing us into a real sculptural constellation in which each work is designed and created together with the surrounding environment.

On view from 19 May to 22 July 2022