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Lucrezia Roda, photographer of light

Today I would like to talk about the artist Lucrezia Roda, photographer of light and matter, capable of transforming the physical object into an abstract dimension that excites the viewer. A young photographer with a great artistic future.

From the light to the fire in the Venini furnace, where the ancient art of blown glass began, in her work this artist portrays the glass from the Venini furnace through unprecedented perspectives, transforming elements of substance into new and evocative images, thanks to the reflection of the light on the sinuous surface of material.

In the photograph RED WATER LILIES that you see, Lucrezia Roda transforms the famous ‘handkerchiefs’ of the Murano glass factory, designed in 1948 by Fulvio Bianconi and Paolo Venini, into delicate flowers that give the impression of floating in space suspended between reality and fiction. The fluid shapes of the profiles of the vases and the intensity of their red seem to come towards the viewer, involving them in a sensory embrace. Wonderful!!!

Lucrezia Roda’s photographs fit well everywhere. For the modern home, for offices for boardrooms and luxury restaurants.

If you are interested in this extraordinary photographer you can see all of her work in the Art for Sale section under Lucrezia Roda Do not hesitate to contact me for any clarification.

Until the next artwork!

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